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We work with thought leaders from a variety of domains to ensure that our products reflect the challenges on the horizon that managers will face, particularly in thinking about the relationship of ethics and business, and that they employ the most up to date teaching practices. Below are some key partners who provide important support for our efforts:

The Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics and the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics

The Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics with the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics developed the original web-based simulation, Turning Gears Inc.©, as part of their commitment to provide leading-edge business ethics curricula and learning tools for current and future business leaders. Both entities have been involved in the development of Biz-LX™ from its inception. They have lent their expertise and resources, and we expect this fruitful partnership to continue far into the future.

The Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics is an independent entity established in partnership with Business Roundtable—an association of 160 CEOs from leading companies—to renew and enhance the link between ethical behavior and business practice.

Olsson CEnter for Applied Ethics
An international leader in the field of business ethics, the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics serves as a critical resource for executives, scholars, students, and Darden alumni who are faced with the challenges of integrating ethical thinking into business decision making. It is ranked among the top academic centers for the study of ethics.

Wiley Higher Education

WileyFaculty can now bundle any Ethics-LX simulation with any Wiley textbook to enrich their student’s learning experience. Wiley Higher Education serves undergraduate, graduate, and advanced placement students, and lifelong learners. We publish educational materials in all media including print and digital, notably through WileyPLUS, our integrated online suite of teaching and learning resources. Our programs target business and accounting, the sciences, engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, geography, hospitality and the culinary arts, education, psychology, and modern languages. Wiley – helping teachers teach and students learn. Visit us at


Pearson Australia and Pearson New Zealand

PearsonAUFaculty can now package any Ethics-LX simulation with any textbook from Pearson Australia and New Zealand at discounted value-pack prices. Pearson is Australia and New Zealand’s leading publisher of textbooks and other learning products. Pearson offers educators and students an un-rivalled range of products which quite literally change lives. As part of the Pearson Plc global publishing business Pearson Australia and Pearson New Zealand are committed to helping people learn at every stage of their life, from primary school all the way through to professional studies.

“Through our products and our exceptional level of service and support for educators, we help people realise the power of education in thousands of ways.”

Darden Business Publishing
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Faculty that adopt any Biz-LX™ module can choose from a wide range of specifically chosen complimentary cases from the Darden Business Publishing catalogue at discounted value-pack prices. Adding a thought-provoking case to your students Biz-LX™ experience can provide additional class discussion and insight for your students.

Darden Business Publishing distributes student-centered, case-based teaching materials authored by the world renowned faculty of the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. Their library of over 2500 titles includes traditional paper cases, multimedia case studies, and tutorials. Discover why the world’s leading business schools use cases from Darden Business Publishing.

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