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Biz-LX™ LLC is organized in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Who are we? We are Biz-LX™, which stands for Business Learning Experiences. Biz-LX™ is an Internet-based, educational software company. We are a premier provider of online educational learning experiences that are revolutionizing the teaching and learning of ethics as part of the Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) curriculum. In addition we offer these learning experiences for those in the corporate sector that seek meaningful ethics education and compliance.

What do we do? We publish Ethics-LX™ and develop customized interactive online learning solutions.

Ethics-LX™, which stands for Ethics Learning Experiences, is a technologically sophisticated, highly interactive, online academic simulation series that will either complement an existing ethics course or stand in place of other ethics substitutes currently adopted as part of the required curriculum for business schools that are, or want to be, accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Ethics-LX™, modules designed for the academic world delivers a “Mini-MBA” ethics learning experience for corporate clients. Ethics-LX™ programs deliver core leadership skills that seamlessly integrate business fundamentals with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Ethics-LX™ offers experiential learning solutions in a wide range of business disciplines to sharpen critical decision making skills and moral reasoning. Ethics-LX™ offers companies an opportunity to improve their leader’s decision making abilities and ensure ethical compliance.

Biz-LX™ can work with you to design custom online learning exercises for your needs. If you have an idea for an online exercise for your university or company, we can work with you to take your idea and make it a reality. Through our faculty network, we can engage some of the leading academics in the world to assist with developing cutting edge content. With our industry leading technical expertise in developing and providing online simulations, you can be assured that we will turn this content into a compelling real world interactive exercise that will engage your target audience.

Why? Business schools are required to incorporate ethics into their curricula in order to become accredited. Some schools achieve this by having a full-time faculty member dedicated to ethics. Many schools leave it to professors in other disciplines to “teach” ethics within their classes. Alternatively, some schools host speakers or hold ethics workshops. Despite these efforts, polling indicates that students generally feel that ethics has not been well incorporated into their MBA curricula. Juxtaposed against the challenges schools face in effectively incorporating ethics into their curricula is the increasing importance MBA students place on ethics as part of their decision about their future employment and the increasing importance corporate recruiters place on whether MBA programs feature some kind of ethics or corporate responsibility training. Students and employers want meaningful ethics education, but are MBA programs delivering it? Most are not. Now there is a better way.

Companies are increasingly under pressure to do more than just the bare minimum (i.e. just be “in compliance”) when it comes to ethics education. Now more than ever, companies want their employees to be able to make ethical decisions on the job, everyday. They have begun to realize that creating a culture of responsibility is sound policy and can translate into financial success. Corporations also realize that creating and maintaining such a culture of responsibility is even more critical during a financial downturn.[1] Such companies are taking the initiative to step up their ethics training. Companies that do not see the value in ethics training increasingly must contend with U.S. laws that require ethics training for public companies and strongly recommend it for privately-held companies.[2] Ethics-LX provides ethics training that goes far beyond “checking a box.” Ethics-LX will appeal to companies where top management seeks to instill a culture throughout organizations in which sound ethics is a core component of good decision-making.

[1] A December, 2008, survey of more than 600 compliance and business ethics professionals conducted by The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and Health Care Compliance Association showed that 85 percent of individuals polled felt that the state of the economy would increase the risk of compliance and ethics failures. Forty-eight percent of those polled (outside of the healthcare industry) believed that the risks would increase “greatly.”

[2] Following the enactment of Sarbanes Oxley, the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines were rewritten in 2004 to require that all publically-traded companies have ethics and compliance training. The Guidelines “strongly encourage” private companies to provide it.

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